Privé Alliance returns with a new spring and summer collection.

Inspired by casual streetwear and military fashion, this collection keeps it light and fresh for the season while experimenting with textured button ups, nylon shorts, and twill pants featuring a camo pattern pocket accent and a logo printed in leather detail.

Privé Alliance’s streetwear classics such as  t-shirts and hoodies with pastel tones and embroidered details will also be available. New accessories include a dual colored reversible bucket hat and crew socks with a knit logo. 

Adding a personal message, Baekhyun provided his handwriting for several products in the collection. A standout piece for this season is the Division Coach Jacket which features a relaxed fit coach jacket, with printed camo graphics— a simple addition to elevate any streetwear ensemble. 

Available on June 28.
Explore the new release here.